Τρυπάνια HSS και HSSCo

The wide range of drills that the company has STOCK from Berlin makes it the largest manufacturer of quality drills in the world. After all, they are one of the oldest drill manufacturers in Germany with innovations that revolutionized the metalworking process many times over.

The innovative way of manufacturing drills STOCK (helix construction by material removal rather than traction) contributes to their unsurpassed durability and incredible performance at high cutting speeds even in difficult-to-machine materials. Its many different types of HSS and HSSCo drills STOCK and the countless combinations of dimensions, coatings and cutting edges promise to provide solutions to any kind of hole machining. In appearance, the difference with other air drills may not be visible, but they will certainly surprise you in the end.

For the range of HSS and HSSCo drills see the following link: HSS and HSSCo Drills STOCK

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