Τρυπάνι Super V83-GAl

The Super V83-GAl triple drill is now a classic value in the STOCK drill range  Germany.

The design in the helix allows drilling in cast iron and non-ferrous metals, mainly due to the depth in the grinding of the wing.

The three wings allow drilling in difficult materials such as porous cast iron and in intermittent cutting conditions that other drills cannot cope with.

Finally, the 130 degree angle formed by the wings offers optimal centering that performs.

With dimensions from Φ3 to Φ20 and with a cutting length of 5xD, the Super V83-GAl drill comfortably meets your needs for drilling in cast iron and aluminum.

For dimensions and cutting conditions see the following link: STOCK V83 GAI

and for more information ask us at tel. 2310760482

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