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The best industrial drills, end mills and turning tools

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Carbide drills, HSS drills, Center Drills, HSS Co

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End mills

Carbide endmills, HSS endmills, endmills ball

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Taps and dies

Taps for metric threads,BSW threads, UNC threads, UNF threads, Dies

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Carbide reamers, HSS reamers, hand reamers, machine reamers

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Turning toolholders and inserts

A huge variety of Turning toolholders and
turning inserts for all uses

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Milling toolholders and inserts

Milling heads, 90,45, Milling heads high-
feed, Milling inserts

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Measuring instruments

Calipers, Digital Calipers, Depth Gage,
Indicators, Micrometers

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